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New CNC Machines Arrive at Our Factory on Sep. 2019

New CNC Machines Arrive at Our Factory on Sep. 2019

To development our production capacity, we import another more pieces CNC machines from Taiwan, Japan for our Workshop No.2. The maximum manufacture size to PDC bit , Tricone bits, Segments of tricone bits is 36'', Rock reamers, Hole openers size is up to 72''. They including 3 axes,4 axes,5 axes,Longmen CNC. Our Workshop No.2 covers 12000square meters, and It is expected that the trial production at October 2019. In this case, we will hiring more high tech engineers, the output value is expected to reach 250 million CNY, and tax is up 50 million CNY.

We understanding if customer chooses us, it means they taking too much care of the quality first.But also our local labor is cheaper, we are government support enterprise. So our value cost is very low.

GREAT aims to be global biggest drilling bits manufacture, but also drilling service company is dedicated to providing you with professional overall solutions, providing customers with high-quality products and services, we have a proficient business, operating ability of the cadre, relying on in the oil industry for many years engaged in the experience, has a strong relationship and commodity information network, perfect technology and personnel configuration, the delivered products fully comply with the American petroleum institute (API 7-1) standards and specifications.

Our facility totally is 40000 square meters, equipped with many sets of Mazak machining center, CNC machine tools and other advanced production equipment, ultrasonic flaw detector, mechanical performance testing machine, impact testing machine of superhard materials, abrasion tester and other quality testing equipment, at the same time also with the global well-known inspection institutions established long-term cooperative relations, to ensure product quality.

GREAT will always supply GREAT quality products.

PDC bits tricone bits CNC Equipment (1)

PDC bits tricone bits CNC Equipment (2)

PDC bits tricone bits CNC Equipment (3)


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