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PDC bit is Polycrystalline Diamond Compact bit ,it also named Diamond bit.

According to the Material Classification:

  1. Matrix body PDC bit: It was made by tungsten carbide powder,and gauge protection is TSP.

  2. Steel body PDC bit: AISI 4145H heat treatment steel (America standard steel ), High quality CNC machines milling pockets, blade, nozzles.

  • Matrix Body PDC Bit
    Matrix Body PDC Bit
    Matrix body PDC bit is made by Tungsten carbide podwer, it is very high hardness material, mainly used for deep Oil&Gas well drilling.
  • Steel Body PDC Bit
    Steel Body PDC Bit
    Steel body PDC bit is made by AISI 4145H heat treatment steel manufacture, it has lower cost compare with Matrix body PDC bit.
  • Bi-center Bit
    Bi-center Bit
    This type of Bi-center bit mainly used for medium to medium hard compressive and abrasive formation.
  • PDC Core Bit
    PDC Core Bit
    GREAT customized made Diamond core bits ,which including Matrix body and Steel body
  • RC PDC Bit
    RC PDC Bit
    RC PDC bit from GREAT are manufactured from AISI 4145H heat-treated steel

According to the Applicable Industry Classification:

  1. Mining Industry

    There are some 3blade PDC bit mainly used for mining industry in Australia ,and Russia .The formation is very soft . Choosing Steel body PDC bit can saving more drilling cost.

  2. Water well drilling 

    Various used for geothermal well drilling ,PDC bit have higher ROP.

  3. Oil & Gas drilling   


  • It is the most widely used bit in the field of Oil &Gas drilling. Hydraulic factors are very important to the bit during drilling.

  • PDC bit have been used in areas that were previously unavailable, such as harder, more abrasive, and more variable formations.

  • This expansion into the new field has a great impact on the balance between the diamond (fixed cutter bit) bit and Tricone bit.

  • The PDC bit is mainly composed of the bit body, cutting teeth, nozzles, gauge protection and API Thread connection.

As one of most professional pdc bit manufacturers, Great bits design and manufacture a wide variety of Matrix body PDC bit and Steel body PDC bit. Our PDC bits are offered in a variety of sizes, blade count and cutter sizes.

Most of our raw material made in USA, France. Our supplier technical engineers come to our factory training our welder and have meeting to show their new products regular .We communicate with our supplier very well and very happy .So if our customers need ,we can ask our engineer have a meeting with each other face to face.

If your drilling have any problem, GREAT can provide solution and service. 

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