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Roller Bit Core Barrel

Core barrel with high performance rock roller bit for Pile Foundation

What is Core Barrel Roller Bit?

A core barrel is a specialized tool used in drilling to extract a cylindrical sample of rock, soil, or ice from the Earth or other surfaces. It is primarily used in the exploration for mineral and geological resources, including oil and gas, minerals, and groundwater, as well as for environmental and geotechnical studies. Roller bit core barrels come in various sizes and designs, including double-tube and triple-tube configurations, to suit different drilling conditions and core sampling requirements. The roller bit core barrel produced by GREAT drill bits factory uses high carbon steel and a special bit Angle to maintain drilling strength and efficiency.

Types of core barrels for sale

  1. Core barrel with bullet teeth is used for cutting an annular ring in rock or concrete(also reinforced concrete). 

  2. Core Barrel with roller bits is used in very strong rock formations(compressive strength >100Mpa). 

  3. Cross cutter core barrel is mainly used to break rock cores that remain in the borehole after using a core barrel, also suitable for drilling hard, jointed rock(<100Mpa) and for penetrating through layers containing boulders. 

Applicable layers: dense sand, gravel, and medium hard rocks, etc..

The Details of Core Barrel Roller Bit

the details-of-core-barrel-roller-bit

the details of core barrel roller-bit 2

The Advantage of Core Barrel Roller Bit

The reaming bit consists mainly of four or more cones. The main cutting teeth are new wear-resistant alloys for tungsten carbide inserts and steel teeth. The new formula and the new process of high-quality tungsten carbide teeth improve the service life of the reaming drill. The guide is a cone drill bit or a scraper drill bit.

The bearing seal uses high-performance O-ring seal or metal seal bearing and special grease for imported drill bit.

Special inserts are placed on the outer diameter of the head to reduce the wear of the head during the formation of abrasives in directional and horizontal wells, prolonging the life of the drill.

Replacing Cutters and Cutting Cost-On most Hole Opener designs, the cutters can be easily replaced. The cost to replace a cutter is a fraction of the cost to replace a large tricone rock bit.

production process

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