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The Rock Drill Bits Series We Offer

The Rock Drill Bits Series We Offer

We, Cangzhou Great Drill Bits Co. Ltd., specialized in R&D, design, production, and sales of various drill bits. The drill bits size from 3" to 26", HDD Hole opener from 8``- 48``, Such as PDC bit, Roller bit, Tricone bit, PDC Coring bit, Bi-center bits, Hole opener, etc. The Company consistently adheres to the concept of industrial development to promote energy development, adhered to innovative drive, scientific development, and is one of the largest scale companies in Asia for PDC bit and Tricone bit, Hole opener manufacturer.

Our PDC bit production line includes Matrix body PDC bit and Steel body PDC bit. Tricone bit is mainly Three cone bits, and according to the drilling formation different, we have TCI bit and Steel tooth bit available. In some HDD(Horizontal directional drilling ) project, we have Rock reamers for hard formation. Our Roller bit core barrel is widely used for piling foundation too.

We offer different types of directional drill bits for sale and can recommend the right type according to your drilling request.

Types of Drill Bits

  • Downhole motor
    Downhole motor
    Downhole motor (Mud motor) is a powered by drilling fluid that converts liquid pressure energy into mechanical energy . GREAT DRILL BITS can be manufacture and supply various sizes , type downhole motor according to the drilling demand . Downhole motor is composed of four assemblies of by-pass value,motor,cardan shaft and drive shaft . Until now it is popular use in Horizontal directional drilling and oil&Gas drilling.
  • PDC Drill Bit
    PDC Drill Bit
    GREAT R&D manufacture Matrix body PDC bit and steel body PDC bit.
  • Hybrid Drill Bit
    Hybrid Drill Bit
    Hybrid drill bit conventional PDC and roller-cone bits. It is saving cost, Improves Drilling Efficiency.
  • Tricone Bit
    Tricone Bit
    Steel tooth bit and TCI bit with the latest technologies,making your drilling more efficiency and economic.
  • Roller Bit
    Roller Bit
    Roller bit used for make hole opener and core barrel . Drilling water well ,Trenchless / non-dig Non-excavation power and fiber optic pipelines and horizontal directional drilling.
  • PDC Hole Opener
    PDC Hole Opener
    PDC Hole Openers, are used to enlarge the pilot hole in Horizontal Directional Drilling(HDD).Widely used in construction, bridge, highway and railway construction.
  • Crocodile PDC Reamer
    Crocodile PDC Reamer
    PDC Reamer is the perfect tool for large diameter HDD bores. The size of the reamer is ranging from 12" to 50".
  • Rock Reamer
    Rock Reamer
    GREAT DRILL customized Rock reamers size from 10'' to 72''.
  • Roller Bit Core Barrel
    Roller Bit Core Barrel
    Core barrel with roller bit is used in very strong rock formations(compressive strength > 100Mpa)
  • PDC Cutter
    PDC Cutter
    Popular Size: 1305, 1308,1613,1616,1913
  • Drag Bit
    Drag Bit
    Normally drag bits are 3 wings, but we can make 4 or 5 wings following your drawings or samples.

Why Choose Great Good Quality Rock Drill Bits:

  1. Two manufactures: New manufacture with 40,000 square meters in Hebei Province, very near to Beijing, and build our own R&D Exchange Center in Beijing.

  2. Government gives us a High-tech Firm Authories Certification, we got API Spec7-1 Quality Control Standard. ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System.ISO14001:2004 Environment Management System.

  3. Mazark machines are imported from Japan.

  4. Strong designs, engineers, production, sales and after-sales service team.

  5. OEM&ODM  service with confidentiality agreement.

We are strictly quality control our PDC bit, Tricone bit, Hole opener quality, The precision of CNC lathes is ±0.01mm, it can meet all the turning requirements. And after turning a certain numer of pieces, we must change the tool of lathes to make sure the precision of machines.

According to the manufacturing standard the quality department tests every process strictly and carefully.  

As one of most professional drill bit manufacturers in China,  we strictly control the whole production process, and we inspected the finished drill bits, we can also make several design changes according to the customer's feedback, and finally, ensure the customer's excellent drilling effect.

Meanwhile, we can provide our engineer service in the field.