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Steel Body PDC Bit GS1606T

Double Row Cutters Steel Body PDC Bit for Water Well Drilling

Steel body PDC bit can be customized for oil well, water well, mining, explorer well drilling. 

  • Suitable Formation: Various hardness rocks or mud except for the hardest hardness or ununiform rocks like cobble. 

  • Application: Water well, Petroleum & Gas, Water well, mining and tectonic.

The diameters of these PDC drill bits for sale range from 3" to 36" with a variety of cutters and optional back-out cutters as well as various blade counts.

Steel Body PDC Drill Bit GS1606T Specification

Specification of Steel Body PDC Drill Bit GS1606T




Cutter Size (Mm)


Face Cutters Qty

(55)1613; (42)1308; (30)1305;



Bit Connection

API 6 5/8'' Reg Pin

Junk Slot Area(In2)


Gauge Length (mm)


Make up Torque (Kn.m)


Operating Parameters of Steel Body PDC Drill Bit GS1606T

Rotary Speed (rpm)


Weight on Bit (KN)


Max. WOB (KN)


Flow Rate (lps)


Features of Steel Body PDC Drill Bit GS1606T


Spiral blade, directional drilling design.

  • 6 Curved Blades  

  • 16 mm Cutters   

  • Force-Balance Design 

  • The layout of different patented PDC cutters enhances the capability to drill hard stringers.

  • CFD Technology Is Applied In Optimizing Hydraulic Efficiency. 

  • Hard alloy hydraulic sleeves are installed to increase the service life of the hydraulic components of the bit. The use of bits without hydraulic nozzles may cause the sleeves to fall to the bottom of the well and lead to wear of the cutters.

This is a 6 blade with 1613mm cutters PDC bit, which is used for vertical drilling. After optimizing the design, this bit has achieved 1.5 times higher ROP than our competitors.

Quality Inspection of Steel Body PDC Drill Bit GS1606T

As one of the most professional drill bit manufacturers in China, GREAT has strict quality inspections on every drill bit we produce. Here is the inspection process.

  1. Cutters test

  2. Nondestructive test

  3. Checking the PDC pocket.

  4. Brazing Quality inspection.

  5. API thread test.

  6. Bit size detection.

Quality Inspection of Steel Body PDC Drill Bit GS1606T

If your drilling has any problem, GREAT can provide a solution and service.

We will contact you within 24 hours.
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