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Company Culture

Company Culture

Company Culture
  • GREAT Style: Responsibility, No-Shirk.

  • GREAT Spirit: Shares Joys and sorrows, both together.

  • GREAT Employment Standards: First good morality, Then the ability.

  • GREAT Mission: Begin with drilling requirements, End with customer satisfaction.

  • Quality without defect, customer without complaint.

We, named our products brand is GREAT, which we hope to be like the China GREAT WALL, keep longer history, stronger, and also great quality.

Mr.Zhankui Zhang is the owner of GREAT, and born in 1980. When he was young, he leans the technology to repair, selling PDC bits and tricone bits from his father since 1998, with several years of experience, he founded GREAT. As He is a solider, so he is very strict with our management in every department, especially our production department, because the quality is GREAT life, we not always selling our bits, but also serve our customers from all over the world.

Four principles of product quality: Do not involve any PDC bit or Tricone bit, Rock reamer that cannot meet customer needs; Do not manufacture unqualified products; Do not accept unqualified products; Do not transfer unqualified products;

  • GREAT Safety culture: Safety first, Quality is the second, Production is the third.

  • Safety in production is the greatest benefit. Safety accidents can be controlled, prevented and eliminated.

  • GREAT Core values: efficiency, innovation, integrity.

We hiring experienced designers and engineers to optimized our original design, to achieve higher efficiency works for saving more drilling costs.

Our team constantly innovates, produces better quality products, serves the customer, obtains the customer's high praise.

Integrity is very important, once our customers choose to cooperate with us, it is to trust us, we set integrity in accordance with customer requirements, to provide higher quality products, in order to lay a good foundation for long-term cooperation in the future. What we pursue is cooperation forever, will not cheat the customer because of a profit.


All our employees look like a big family and do our best effect to work hard and make our great quality bits. But also we all have a thankful heart, Firstly we thankful our customers choosing us, and we will supply our best service with great quality products. Secondly, we thankful we have a great team, they teach us and we bringing up from GREAT. 

At last, we all thankful GREAT give us a good opportunity working. 

Company Culture

  • 1998-2010 1998-2010

    Trading company.

    Buy and Selling, Service

    PDC bits, Tricone bits,

    and other drilling tools,

    mainly used for Oil &Gas,

    Water well drilling, Horizontal 

    Directional Drilling, Mining industry, etc.

  • 2010 2010

    Set up a manufacturer

    and service teams, have our

    own brand: GREAT

  • 2011 2011

    Begin to run OA office 

    software, paperless office.

    Achieve good feedback 

    in China market and

    International market.

  • 2015 2015

    Building new 

    factory covers 

    40000square meters,

    obtain high-tech 

    enterprise certificate.

  • 2016 2016

    Introduction of

    international engineers, 

    set up R&D office in Beijing

  • 2017-Until Now 2017-Until Now

    One of the biggest PDC bits ,

    Tricone bits manufacture in Asia.