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Matrix Body PDC Bit GM1605T

Matrix Body PDC Bit For Oil Well Drilling Hard Rock

Overview Matrix Body PDC Bit

Matrix body PDC bit is made by Tungsten carbide powder, it is very high hardness material, mainly used for deep Oil&Gas well drilling.

GREAT will first provide a 3D drawing according to the customers' request, then optimized design to achieve more footage and longer working life, higher effective works. It is manufacture by mold process of PDC bit crown. The connection of this type of diamond PDC bit is made of AISI 4145H round steel and has heat treated. Threads are machined into the blank and the pin is threaded to the bit head. Joints should strictly comply with the API standard and should be inspected one by one with thread gauge and Thread Inspector.

According to the customer request, we have China PDC cutters, America PDC cutters welding to the bit body.

The Details of Matrix Body PDC Bit

product display

The Advantage of Matrix Body PDC Bit

On the full production line, we have a very strict quality inspection of the material until finish bit.

The main inspection factors:

  • If there is crack on the PDC cutter, then the drill bit is not acceptable.

  • If there is a crack that has a length of 25mm or more, then the drill bit is not acceptable.

  • If there is a crack that has a depth of more than 0.5mm, then the drill bit is not acceptable. 

Every bit has its own tracking card and serial number.

The specification of Matrix body PDC bit (8 1/2" GM1605TX)
Bit Type8 1/2" GM1605TXNozzle Qty5NZ
IADC CodeM323Gauge Length(mm)40
Blade5Connection4 1/2" API REG
Cutter size(mm)13 mm; 16 mmN.W./G.W.(KG)62/77
Cutter Qty13*12; 16*38Nozzle Size(inch)12/32; 14/32; 15/32

The Production process of Matrix body PDC bit

production process

Meanwhile ,we accept OEM Matrix body PDC bit body ,the customers can send us their own design ,we will make it according to their drawing .Then we have 3D scanner machine to check it is 100% same as the customers original design . Until now ,we had cooperated with the mainly PDC bits manufacture in the world.

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  • 1. Conical cutters
    1. Conical cutters

    Innovative diamond element increases drilling speed, improves stability in hard-to-drill formations, Advanced rock destruction mechanism, Enhanced bit durability.

  • 2. Shock-absorbing Cutters
    2. Shock-absorbing Cutters

    Balance radial vibration load, make the bit drilling more smoothly, prevent the PDC cutter damaged in advance.

  • 3. PDC Up-dril
    3. PDC Up-dril

    Brazing high quality PDC cutters at specific angle, effectively remove the obstacles, protect the bit body from harm during up-drill process.

  • 4. Arc PDC cutters gauge
    4. Arc PDC cutters gauge

    High quality arc PDC cutters gauge, increase wear resistance and stability of the drill gauge.

  • 5. Limiting cutter
    5. Limiting cutter

    Effectively control the front PDC cutter to drill into the depth, improve the stability and reduce its drift.

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