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Matrix Body PDC Bit

Matrix Body PDC Bit

GREAT, as one of the professional drill bit manufacturers in China,  we design and manufacture a wide variety of Matrix body PDC (polycrystalline diamond cutter) bits. Our matrix PDC bits are offered in a variety of sizes, blade count and cutter sizes.

The Matrix body PDC bit is sintered with tungsten carbide powder. Gauge protection with natural diamond.Tungsten carbide matrix can resist erosion, wear resistance, high strength and good effect of diameter control.

The Junk Slot Area of the bit water hole can be designed according to the hydraulic parameters required by the drilling process. The shape of the Matrix body PDC bit can be designed according to the formation characteristics to achieve the best use effect.

Matrix Body PDC Bit For Sale

This kind of PDC bit is designed for high-speed drilling in shale, limestone, and sandstone formations. Unlike roller cone bits, these PDC bits are one-piece matrix bodies with no moving parts. The fixed-cutters shave away the rock, making it possible to operate with higher rotation speeds more efficiently in consolidated formations.

Main Advantages of Matrix Body PDC Bit

  1. Working on the cutting (shearing) principle, the energy consumption of rock breaking is low with matrix pdc drill bits.

  2. PDC composite sheet has super hardness, wear-resistance and self sharpness.

  3. PDC bit is a fixed tooth bit with no moving parts, high reliability.

Matrix PDC Bit

GREAT Matrix Body PDC Bit Advantages

  1. Force balanced, resist impact to the blade during high-speed drilling, to make bit work stable.

  2. Plus wear knot section, reduce collision in the high-speed rotational vibration.

  3. Patented matrix formulation, extended bit life.

  4. Optimal hydraulic design, easy to move out the drill cuttings and cooling.

  5. Equipped with back reaming Cutters.

  6. The cutter is high performance to increase the ability of anti-impact and anti-abrasive

Matrix Body PDC Bit

We are here to provide you with a unique and custom solution for your specific drilling needs; from design and manufacturing to service in the field. We have what you need. Contact us now to get more information.

Matrix Body PDC Bit Application