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PDC Cutter

PDC cutters used for PDC bit, PDC hole opener, PDC reamer

Overview of PDC Cutter

PDC cutters are made of diamond micro-powder and cemented carbide substrate sintered under ultra-high pressure and high temperature. It has high hardness, high wear resistance and thermal conductivity of diamond, and has the strength and impact toughness of cemented carbide. PDC cutters are widely used in oil well field PDC bit, geological PDC exploration bits, gas exploration bits, coal mining drilling applications. Various used for PDC bit, PDC core bit, and PDC hole opener, PDC reamer. PDC cutters' performance has a decisive influence on the drilling effect and life of PDC bit.

We have built very close cooperation with Top brand PDC cutters manufacture in the USA and China, we have our patented cutters to the customers drilling demand.

Our popular size is 1913mm, 1613mm, 1616mm ,1313mm, 1308mm,1305mm.

The Details of PDC Cutter

the details of PDC cutter

The Advantage of PDC Cutter

1. Conical cutters

Innovative diamond element increases drilling speed, improves stability in hard-to-drill formations, Advanced rock destruction mechanism, Enhanced bit durability.

2. PDC Up-drill 

Brazing high-quality PDC cutters at a specific angle, effectively remove the obstacles, protect the bit body from harm during up-drill process.

3. Arc PDC cutters gauge 

High-quality arc PDC cutters gauge, increase wear resistance and stability of the drill gauge.

quality control 1

quality control 2

quality control 3

If you would like to understand more about GREAT PDC cutter application ,please feel free to contact with us.

We will contact you within 24 hours.
Recent Products
  • RC PDC Bit

    RC PDC Bit

    RC PDC bit from GREAT are manufactured from AISI 4145H heat-treated steel.
  • Drag Bit

    Drag Bit

    Normally drag bits are 3 wings, but we can make 4 or 5 wings following your drawings or samples.
  • Bi-center Bit

    Bi-center Bit

    This type of Bi-center bit mainly used for medium to medium hard compressive and abrasive formation.
  • Steel Body PDC Bit GS1606T

    Steel Body PDC Bit GS1606T

    Steel body PDC bit is made by AISI 4145H heat treatment steel manufacture, it has lower cost compare with Matrix body PDC bit.
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