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Mining Industry

Mining Drill Bits

Mining Industry

The production system of Mining Industry is a complex system composed of many links.

Problems and Solutions to Coal Mine Drilling

In coal mine drilling, complicated geological and hydrologic conditions, thick alluvium of topsoil, many quicksand layers, large water inflow, large well diameter, deep wellbore, and often concentrated operation scale, as well as high temperature, high pressure, and high formation stress in the deep well, will greatly aggravate the severity of underground complexity and the difficulty of treatment.

However, some of the above problems can be well solved according to the characteristics of coal mine drilling:

  1. The problem of increasing drilling speed.

  2. Prevention and treatment of well collapse, diameter reduction, drilling drop, and other accidents.

  3. Anti-deviation technology.

  4. High-temperature resistance.

  5. Problems of cutting tools in deep well construction.

Advantages of Mining Drill Bits

Therefore, it is necessary to perfect the structure of the large-diameter coal mining drill bits.

With the increase of drilling fluid density and well depth, the fluid column pressure exerts a pressure holding effect on the broken cuttings at the bottom of the well, and the broken cuttings from the cone bit are not easy to leave the bottom of the well under the action of differential pressure, resulting in the formation of a cushion at the bottom of the well, reducing the crushing efficiency, etc. Reasonable bit structure will speed up the flow of cuttings in the bottom hole, improve the crushing efficiency, accelerate the drilling speed and shorten the drilling cycle.

As well as improving the life of the roller bit, the service life of the roller has a great impact on the construction cost of drilling well. The life of the roller bit mainly depends on the life of seal, bearing and parent.

Recommended Size and Mining Drilling Bits Types

GREAT Mining tricone rock bit is utilized for blasting hole open-pit mining. Depending on the different formations of customers, we can offer different mining drill bits with the sizes ranging from 6 3/4" to 16".

For mining tricone bit, we recommend 532、632、642、722, etc.

Mining Drill Bits

Mining Drill Bits

Mining Drill Bits

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