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Crocodile PDC Reamer

Well Drilling Equipment Crocodile PDC Reamer for Horizontal Drilling

Overview PDC Reamer

The PDC Reamer manufactured by GREAT drill bit will be your best choice to deal with the complicated situation. Our PDC reamer brand is Crocodile.

No matter be drilling or after finish drilling, no matter what kind of formation, the“Crocodile PDC-reamer” will give you reliable, efficient drilling experience, it can increase drilling efficiency, make a more better-quality wellbore. What more, the "Crocodile PDC-reamer can prevent pipe sticking, reduce probability or malfunction.

During the drilling operation, we may have met some complicated formation, just like limestone, sticking salt and so on, the drilling stem almost be contorted like a curve of sine as the depth added. You will get a poor quality wellbore, it will be a huge challenge for tubular running. What more, reduce efficiency and need more cost.

The Details of PDC Reamer for Sale

What is the Crocodile PDC-R eamer:

  • Like a stabilizer;

  • Reduce probability or pipe-sticking;

  • Increase drilling efficiency;

  • Reduce cost;

  • Suit for MWD and another high-tech tool;

  • High-quality borehole;

  • Effective work with lower torque.


The Advantage of PDC Reamer for Sale

The body of "Crocodile PDC-reamer" comprised of high-quality steel or non-magnet material, it's so reliable that it can meet all kinds of challenges. The non-magnet material suit for MWD and another high-tech tool, it can give you unprecedented operation efficient. Compare the stabilizer or conventional reamer, the carbide inserts arrangement on the blades was design by the "equal density" principle, it can effectively cut the wall of a hole. All the carbide inserts exposed in the mudflow, it can take enough cooling and lubrication. So, the wear and tear of inserts are more slowly, and also effective work at lower torque.

The special tapered surface design ensures that the cutter is exposed to the drilling fluid. Therefore, this can clean the certification and extend its life, increase fluid flow and avoid drill bits.

PDC reamer-1

PDC reamer 2

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