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Shipping Info

Shipping Info

Our PDC bit and bi-center bit, PDC reamer with iron packaging, equipped with high-quality shackle device, convenient for the extraction and installation of the bit; The special suspension design can better guarantee the safety of the PDC bit crown composite during transportation. Generally speaking, our PDC bit package with bit breaker and extra nozzles if needs.

Our Tricone bit package is a carton box with our logo or wooden box according to customer request.

We guaranteed all the packages are safety for shipping and the packaging material is allowed to export. Our good quality packages also can be used more times.

Depends on the orders quantity, we have the below shipping suggestions:

  1. DHL: Sample bit; Door to Door, fastest.

  2. By air: Urgent orders.

  3. By ocean or by Train: Normal orders.

We have organized the shipping department, they will arrange all the shipping if the sales department sends a request shipping. Firstly, we will check the safest, fastest, and cheapest cargo shipping company shipment the bits to China Port. Our broker will arrange to load according to the customer request, and the tracking number or BOL will be provided when sailing. Also will be checking the ETA. So that our customers can arrange customs our bits.

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