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The Use of Tricone Roller Bit and Its Drilling Capability

The Use of Tricone Roller Bit and Its Drilling Capability

The tricone roller bit is an important extraction tool in the petroleum drilling industry, mainly used in environments where the rock formations are relatively wide. This product has a large power supply, high rotational speed, and can extract rocks, which can improve the efficiency of oil well extraction.

Application and maintenance of tricone roller bits

The tricone roller bit must always maintain cleanliness and conduct preliminary surveys of the extracted mud. When installing or removing the bit, pay attention to fixing the gear. The bit cannot have any looseness, otherwise it will affect the service life of the product. During the process of using the product for oil well extraction, it is necessary to control the frequency of drilling speed to reduce the resistance of the rock and prevent the phenomenon of bit damage. During use, it is also necessary to ensure that the water pump has sufficient water supply to provide good power supply to the bit.

  • In drilling steel, please use sufficient cooling and metal cutting fluid.

  • Good rigidity of the drill rod and guide rail gap can improve the accuracy of drilling and the life of the tricone roller bit.

  • Keep the flatness and cleanliness between the magnetic base and the workpiece.

  • When drilling thin plates, reinforce the workpiece; when drilling large workpieces, keep the workpiece stable.

  • The feed rate should be reduced by 1/3 when drilling begins and ends.

  • For materials that produce a large amount of fine powder during drilling, such as cast iron and cast copper, compressed air can be used to help chip removal instead of coolant.

  • Please timely remove the iron filings wrapped around the drill body to keep the chip removal smooth.

The ability of the tricone roller bit in drilling

The rotation of the tricone roller bit has a great impact force on the rock strata and can crush rocks. Moreover, this type of bit has a strong drilling ability and can be used in soft, medium, and hard geological formations. This makes our use more convenient and reduces the trouble of changing bits. In addition, the drilling speed of the tricone roller bit is very fast, faster than ordinary bits. The quality of tricone drill bits for sale is very good, and their service life is relatively long. The price of this type of product is also relatively affordable, and it is currently widely used.

The tricone roller bits are not easily damaged during transportation, as they are made into sections according to requirements when leaving the factory, which is easy to store. However, the problem of friction needs to be noted. To avoid this issue, we can tightly tie the tricone roller bits with ropes. During storage, due to the production process of the tricone roller bits, it is required to place them in a dry environment to prevent corrosion, so we must keep them away from corrosive substances.

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