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120 ° U-shaped Roller Bit

Tungsten Carbide Single Rock Tricone Roller Bit Welding Cone Bit Cutter

Overview of 120 ° U-shaped Roller Bit

GREAT has customized manufacture several types of roller bit. The traditional roller bit was cut by tritone bit. So it is including No.1, No.2, No.3 Cone cutters.

There are Cone 1 & cone 2 & cone3, wedge cutters design resulted in a high drilling efficiency in recommending formations. The roller cone is traditional tricone bit legs, increased carbide quantity on the dorsal metacarpal can protect leg back from damage by debris efficiently.


The details of 120 ° U-shaped Roller bit

the details of 120 ° u shaped roller bit 1

the details of 120 ° u shaped roller bit 2

The Advantage of 120 ° U-shaped Roller Bit

  1. Bearing with high saturated nitrile rubber reduces sealing pressure and improves sealing reliability.

  2. G-Gauge protection improves the gauge ability and prolongs the service life of the bit.

  3. A row of teeth is added between the back taper and the outer row to dress the wellbore and protect the body of the cone.

We are strictly quality control our Roller bit quality, The precision of CNC lathes is ±0.01mm, it can meet all the turning requirements. And after turning a certain number of pieces, we must change the tool of lathes to make sure the precision of the machine.

According to the manufacturing standard the quality department tests every process strictly and carefully.  


The Roller bit mainly used for Rock reamer (Hole opener) For HDD (Horizontal directional drilling ) Trenchless technology.

But also used for Core barrel ,with roller bit , like piling foundation project .Our popular size is 8 1/2’’, 9 7/8’’, 12 1/4’’ and 17 1/2’’ Roller bit .If you are looking for a high quality products ,just feel free to contact with us .

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