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PDC Core Bit

Hard Rock PDC cone bit Used for drill underground core

Overview of PDC Core Bit

GREAT customized made Diamond core bits, which include Matrix body PDC bit and Steel body PDC bit, the Diamond core bit is used to drill an underground core (or mineral core) primarily when samples of underground rock (minerals) are required.

  • Every PDC Core bit is optimized hydraulically for each cutting structure and formation application.

  • Each design is based on a balanced and fully covered cutting structure.

Sometimes we need to analyze the rock, so the best choice is to consult GREAT, one of the most trusted drill bit manufacturers in china, to get your right recommendation.

The Details of  PDC Core Bit

Rock Core Drill Bits

Rock Core Drill Bits

The Specification of  PDC Core Bit

 Bit Size and Type

8 1/2"GMC3232

 Nozzle Qty


 Cutter Size (mm)

Φ13mm ×30

 Gauge Lenghth





Chuan 7-4

                                                                         Operating Parameters

 Rotary Speed(rpm)


 Weight on Bit(KN)




 Flow Rate(lps)


The Advantage of PDC Core Bit

The PDC Core bit has designed a shallow parabolic profile and medium cutter density for coring the medium hard formation. Nozzles options according to the hydraulic request, it is installing the size of the mainly PDC cutter is 1308mm, and the most popular blade is 6 blades,  7 blades,  8 blades,  to enhance the rock core drill bits' ability to drill in hard formations. Special TSP gauge or PDC Arc-cutters to protect the diameter.

  • The superior patented tool testing method provides the best PDC cutter for any challenge.

  • Soft to medium-hard formation with low compressive strength interbedded with hard layers. 

  • Cab be used for different rock types: Mudstone, limestone, anhydrite.

Application of PDC Core Bit

Polycrystalline Diamond Composite (PDC) core bits were originally designed for oil drilling. The surface of the cylindrical PDC cutters consists of high-quality synthetic diamond particles sintered together by high pressure and temperature. The PDC core bits have high tool hardness, wear resistance and toughness, and the bits are widely used in oil, gas, mining and engineering drilling fields.

PDC core bits are ideally suited for use with high power drilling rigs operating at relatively low speeds, and offer much better drilling life and penetration than surface fixed bits.

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