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Matrix Body PDC Bit GM1607T

7 blade PDC Drill Bit with Stinger cutters back row

Overview Matrix Body PDC Bit

This is a 7 blade Matrix body PDC bit, with Stinger cutters back row, used for very abrasive formation. The bit has got excellent feedback from our customers.

GREAT will first provide a 3D drawing according to the customers' request, then optimized design to achieve more footage and longer working life, higher effective works. It is manufacture by mold process of PDC bit crown. The connection is made of AISI 4145H round steel and has heat treated. Threads are machined into the blank and the pin is threaded to the bit head. Joints should strictly comply with the API standard, and should be inspected one by one with thread gauge and Thread Inspector.

In this 7 blade bit, we have America PDC cutters recommendation.

The Details of Matrix Body PDC Bit

The details of Matrix body PDC bit

The Advantage of Matrix Body PDC Bit

This is a bit design with medium parabolic and shapes crown design. Higher quality PDC cutter layout improves the abrasive resistance and ensures the bit to get higher ROP of the matrix body PDC bit. On the second row, we choose stinger cutters instead of PDC cutters. Balanced force with Cutting force structure design ensures the bit suitable for rotary steerable application as well as motor application with less vibration. Dynamic Flow simulating technology is used for hydraulic design to ensure optimum bottom hole flow patters and anti-balling.

Formation: Hard to very abrasive formation with high compressive strength and abrasive, such as Mudstone, Limestone, anhydrite, sandstone, and so on.

The specification of Matrix body PDC bit (12 1/4" GM1607TQ)
Bit Type12 1/4" GM1607TQNozzle Qty7NZ
IADC CodeM433Gauge Length(mm)80
Blade7Connection6 5/8" API REG
Cutter size(mm)1613 mmN.W./G.W.(KG)145/170
Cutter Qty1613*110Nozzle Size(inch)14/32; 16/32

The Feature of Matrix Body PDC Bit

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  • PDC cutter
    PDC cutter

    Cooperate with the woridfs top PDC manufacturers. to create exclusive high quality PDC cutter.

  • Double Rows
    Double Rows

    The maximum local cutters equivalent density, improve the offensive and abrasive resistance of the bit.

  • Nozzle

    Effectively prevent the erosion of drilbit by cttings crried by diling fluid.

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