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Hybrid Drill Bit

Longer Working Life Hybrid Drill Bits Improve Drilling Effeciency

Overview of Hybrid Drill Bit

Hybrid drills bits are compounded by the PDC fixed cutting and the roller free cutting structure. The teeth on the cone crush the rock by impact crushing, forming broken pits at the bottom of the well, and making the bottom of the well uneven. It can weaken the strength of the bottom rock. The auxiliary function of the cone facilitates the PDC tooth to enter the formation, which is more beneficial to the PDC tooth scraping and cutting rock.

Developed a personalized composite drill bit series for complex hard-to-drill formations, which has strong formation adaptability in difficult-drilling formations such as hard formation abrasive formations, tight mud shale, and heterogeneous formations such as conglomerate formations. High rock breaking efficiency and fast drilling speed.

Hybrid drills bits produced by GREAT combine PDC and cone drill technology for smoother drilling, better torque management, and precise maneuverability.

The great brand of hybrid drills is a superior directional drill for motor and rotary applications, offering higher cumulative speed capability, damped torque response and precise steering capability on a variety of bottom hole assemblies.

The Details of Hybrid Drill Bit

the details of hybrid drill bit

The Advantage of Hybrid Drill Bit

PDC is matched with cone optimization, and the drill bit has strong adaptability and high rock-breaking efficiency in hard-drilling strata.

The hybrid bit utilizes the cutting advantages of PDCs soft formations and the rock breaking strength and stability of roller cones in hard or intercalated formations, with the potential to maintain a higher total rate of penetration (ROP) than an older cone or PDC single bit over a larger range of footage.

The balance analysis and optimization of the composite cutting structure balance the working stability of the drill bit with the adaptability of the formation and improves the service life.

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) optimization analysis of bit watercourse and nozzle to improve flow field distribution and cleaning cooling effect.

the advantage of hybrid drill bit-1

the advantage of hybrid drill bit-2

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Mail parameters of CNCMail parameters of DMG
Swing Diameter: 800mmSwing Dlameter: 500mm
Effecive Length: 3000mmEffective Length: 530mm
Processing Precision: 2μmProcessing Precision: 1.8μm



Great special iron bit packaging, equipped with high-quality shackle device, convenient for the extraction and installation of the bit;The special suspension design can better guarantee the safety of PDC bit crown composite during transportation.

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