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Natural Gas

Gas Drill Bits

Natural Gas

The world's major natural gas extraction countries are the United States,  Turkmenistan, Iran, Qatar, Algeria, the Netherlands and so on. China has also started producing shale gas in recent years. One of the main use of the most do is the PDC bit. 

Popular PDC drill bit sizes and types are 6 1/8" GS1306T, 8 1/2" GSD1606T, 12 1/4" GS1606TM, 17 1/2" GS1905S.

Difficulties to Get Gas with Gas Drill Bits

Natural gas, like oil, is buried in closed geological formations, some in the same layer as oil, some in isolation.

Natural gas stored in the same zone as crude oil will be extracted along with it.

Due to the complicated geological conditions of natural gas deep well drilling, the unforeseeable engineering geological problems lead to the difference between actual drilling and design and lead to serious drilling complications and accidents, which not only endanger drilling safety and the realization of geological objectives, but also seriously restrict the improvement of drilling speed and significantly increase drilling costs.

Main Problems of Getting Gas with Gas Drill Bits

Gas main engineering geology problems of deep well drilling are abnormal formation pressure, sidewall instability, formation natural deflecting and reservoir damage, etc. and its characteristics, prevention, and treatment are mainly drilling engineering geological problems. 

Great PDC Bits in Gas Extraction

In the design and construction of drilling well-drilling engineering geological problem analysis and follow-up evaluation, especially to deal with the four pressure (formation pressure and collapse pressure, leakage pressure and drilling fluid column pressure), is to improve the design quality, achieve the fundamental guarantee of safe drilling smoothly. Great, a professional PDC bit company with more than 10-year experience, has helped many countries extract high-quality natural gas with custom drill bits provided by us.

Gas Drill Bits

Gas Drill Bits

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