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Steel Body PDC Bit GS1915SZ

Hard Facing Steel Body PDC Bit For Hard Formation Drilling

Overview of Steel Body PDC Bit GS1915SZ

Steel body PDC bit GS1915SZ is made by AISI 4145H heat treatment steel manufacture, it has a lower cost compare with Matrix body PDC bit. A lot of people changing minds to use Steel body PDC bit. Because GREAT has new technology hard facing material and sleeve to prevent washouts the nozzles. So this type of Steel Body PDC Bit GS1915SZ is also widely used for Oil&Gas well drilling and water well drilling.

GREAT has advanced UG 3D software is the guarantee of precision and reliability of the development. Hole bottom Un-balance force analysis technology, Fluid dynamic analysis, and 3D finite element analysis 

The Details of Steel Body PDC Bit GS1915SZ

Steel Body PDC Bit GS1915SZ

Steel Body PDC Bit GS1915SZ

Features of GREAT Steel Body PDC Bit GS1915SZ

  • Heat treatment records for each bit.

  • Dye penetration test for each bit.

  • PDC bit breakers and extra provided if need.

Most of our raw material is made in the USA, France. Our supplier technical engineers come to our factory training our welder and have a meeting to show their new products regularly. We communicate with our supplier very well. So if our customers need, we can ask our engineer to have a meeting with each other face to face.

Every diamond PDC bit we made has its own tracking card and serial number. For any of our bits shipment to the field, you can provide the serial number, then we will check what kind of cutters we use and what about the design. Then we can make an optimized design very fast.

Steel Body PDC Bit GS1915SZ Specification

The specification of Steel body PDC bit (8 1/2" GS1915SZ)
Bit Type8 1/2" GS1915SZNozzle Qty7NZ
IADC CodeS223Gauge Length(mm)50
Blade5Connection4 1/2" API REG
Cutter size(mm)13mm;19mmN.W./G.W.(KG)47/62
Cutter Qty13*21;19*21Nozzle Size(inch)22/32

The Production Process of Steel Body PDC Bit GS1915SZ 

Milling Junk SlotProduction Process of Matrix Body PDC Bit GM1607TMilling Steel Body Bit NozzlesProduction Process of Matrix Body PDC Bit GM1607THard Facing

  Milling Junk Slot                                        Milling Steel Body Bit Nozzles                                Hard Facing

Checking Steel Body Bit PocketsProduction Process of Matrix Body PDC Bit GM1607TBrazing Steel Body Bit CuttersProduction Process of Matrix Body PDC Bit GM1607TCalibration The Gauge

Checking Steel Body Bit Pockets            Brazing Steel Body Bit Cutters                              Calibration The Gauge

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