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A Brief Introduction to Cone Drill Bit

A Brief Introduction to Cone Drill Bit

In oil drilling and geological drilling, the cone drill bit is the most widely used. When the bit rotates, it can impact, crush and shear the stratum rock. Therefore, cone drill bit can adapt to soft, medium and hard strata. Especially after the emergence of jet type cone drill bit and long nozzle cone drill bit, the drilling speed of the bit has been greatly improved, which is a major revolution in the development history of the bit.

According to the type of teeth, cone drill bit can be divided into milling (steel teeth) cone drill bits and insert (carbide teeth inlaid on the cone) cone drill bits. According to the number of cone, it can be divided into single cone drill bit, tricone drill bit and assembled multi cone drill bit. The tricone drill bit is the most widely and commonly used. The cone suppliers shall pay attention to whether the quality inspection is qualified when selling the cone drill bit.

Tricone drill bit is an important tool in oil drilling. Its performance will directly affect the quality, efficiency and cost of drilling. The effective way to reduce drilling cost is to increase the mechanical drilling speed and service life of bit. It has been proved by some data that the improvement of drilling rate has more influence on reducing drilling cost than the improvement of bit service life. The improvement of bit cutting structure is the most direct way to improve the mechanical drilling rate.

For a long time, the improvement of the cutting structure has focused on the main cutting tooth structure. For example, in the structure of cemented carbide teeth, people have invented wedge teeth, spoon-shaped teeth, partial top spoon-shaped teeth and equal wear tooth, etc. It is gradually recognized that the diameter maintaining structure also has a great impact on the bit mechanical drilling speed and service life. In particular, the bit used in highly deviated wells and horizontal wells requires a reasonable diameter maintaining structure. Many new types of diameter maintaining structures have been developed and applied to cone drill bits with good results.

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