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Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

According to the Product Quality Law of the People's Republic of China, in the aim of protecting both manufacturer and consumers, Cangzhou Great Drill Bits Co., Ltd issue guarantee of products quality as follows:

We guarantee that:

1. All the products are manufactured in lines of API Spec 7-1 specifications and oil and gas industry standards SY/T5164, SY/5217 of the People's Republic of China.

2. The products have no defects in materials and processes which will cause unqualified performance during guarantee period(the service period of exported products can not exceed 180 days).

3. Unqualified products either have been used or unused can be returned a purchase, but the defects must be occurred before sold.

Returned purchase or refund caused by unqualified products could be requested to the nearest agent or our company directly. For bits/reamers/roller cones which have drilled in hole, the oriented status of bits/reamers/roller cones must be provided by users, including (if any)jet nozzles and fished splinter,all datum is required including operating parameters, hydrological parameters, mud parameters,operate record card,geological information, drilling section and footage, in addition, the previous and next bit/reamer/core barrel's working performance are requested.

As the products which have been sold are out controlled, and complexity and mutable drilling conditions, we can not promise specific performance of each bit/reamers/roller cones. We will not be responsible for the below situations:

  1. Products or parts damaged by transportation and storage; Expiry guarantee period may cause lose efficacy of elastomer, grease, and other material, etc..

  2. Products reuse after rebuilt.

  3. Products damaged due to serious breach of operating manual or regular drilling notes.

  4. Products damaged due to privately change on structure or substandard accessories.

  5. The wrong set up of jet nozzle.

This Warranty and Guarantee are suitable for all customers of our company.