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Reverse circulation PDC bit for geological exploration samples

Overview RC PDC Bit

RC PDC bit from GREAT are manufactured from AISI 4145H heat-treated steel, Reverse circulation drill bits are widely used in geological exploration samples, oil wells, mining, and other fields. The reverse circulation drilling method combined with RC PDC BITS and hammer is the preferred drilling method for initial exploration, ore body development, and other exploration drilling. By completing the drilling project objectives within the budget, reverse circulation drilling provides a more cost-effective drilling method.

The Details of RC PDC Bit

The details of RC PDC bit

The Specification of Bi-center Bit

Reaming Size12 1/4"Nozzle Qty3NZ
Pass Thru Size10 1/2"Gauge Lenghth2.5"
Blade5Connection6 5/8" API REG
Primary Cutter Size16mmMake up Torque(kN.m)51.7~56.9
Rotary Speed(rpm)60~260Weight on Bit(KN)30~260
Max.WOB(KN)180Flow Rate(lps)35~70

The Advantage of RC PDC Bit

The raw material of GREAT's RC diamond PDC bit is heat-treated steel and has a strict inspection tracking report.

Unlike the traditional center flush circulation, our Reverse Circulation PDC Bits save a lot of fuel and other operating-related costs.

Reverse circulation drilling can obtain preliminary geological data before analyzing cuttings samples and investing in detailed geological data for exploration coring plans. Reverse circulation is also faster than coring, which means drilling more holes.

We design RC PDC bit according to customer requirements and formation conditions, and we have professional staff and precise equipment to get the best products for customers.

Using our drill bits can help you increase efficiency and maximize your operations, and we have comprehensive after-sales service and technical support.

We will contact you within 24 hours.
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