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After-sale Service

After-sale Service

GREAT adheres to the tenet of honest cooperation and sincere service and takes customers as the center to provide perfect after-sales technical support. 

After-sales service content and responsibilities:

After-sales service technical support is responsible for any problems in the use of the products that are reported by the customers and can recommend the appropriate product model according to the formation data provided by the customers. Meanwhile, our technical staff can go to the drilling site and HDD engineering site for service. Technical engineer will also be responsible for answering, filing and handing over customer inquiries; Responsible for product quality assurance, replacement or repair of products that customers think are defective.

After-sales technical support work process: 

1. After-sales technical support receives product consultation from customers through various channels, including:

(a) Our after-sales service hotline: +8613161769999, will transfer the phone to our engineers.

(b) The consulting call transferred from the company switchboard;

(c) Product problems reported by business personnel. 

2. Analyze the problems raised by customers and propose solutions to them.

We suggest all the customers provide the details information, such as drilling depth, vertical drilling or directional drilling, HDD length, the hardness of rocks, rigs size, application (Oil and Gas, water well drilling, or HDD, Foundation, construction engineers ).

  • PDC bit(Matrix or Steel body, blades, cutter size, single row or double row, etc).

  • Tricone bit(Size, IADC code).

  • Hole opener/Rock reamer(Diameter, size of the pilot hole, the hardness of rocks, thread connection of your drill pipe, etc.).

  • Roller bit/segments of tricone bit(Diameter of cones, model number, straight or Roller cone type, etc.).

  • Roller bit Core barrel(Diameter, quantity of roller bits, connection, etc.)

We wish to hear more details requirements. So that we can give you the right recommendation.