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What Will Affect the Working Efficiency of Tricone Roller Bit?

What Will Affect the Working Efficiency of Tricone Roller Bit?

Ⅰ. Performance introduction of the tricone roller bit

The tricone roller bit adopts a floating bearing structure, and the floating element is made of new materials with high strength, high elasticity, high temperature resistance and high characteristics, and the surface is treated with solid lubricant. While reducing the relative linear velocity of the bearing pair, it reduces the temperature rise of the friction surface, which can improve the bearing service life and bearing performance under the conditions of high drilling pressure or high speed drilling technology.

Ⅱ. What will affect the working efficiency of the tricone roller bit?

1. Stratum lithology

The lithology and hardness of the stratum are different, with the different rock breaking mechanism, and the failure modes of the tricone roller bit are also different.

2. According to the collected stratum lithology and drilling time records per meter of lithology, analyze the hardness, plasticity, brittleness, abrasiveness and drill-ability of the stratum rock, and compare the failure mode of the tricone roller bit to confirm the selection and use of it are appropriate or not.

3. Well location

The mechanical properties of rocks at different positions in the earth's crust vary greatly. The deeply buried rock is in a state of multi-directional compressive stress, which reduces the pores of the rock and increases its strength. The rock in the upper well section is generally loosely cemented and soft, and the tricone roller bit has a high rotation speed and a low drilling pressure.

4. Well structure

Different well structures have special requirements for the size, model and use of tri-cone bits. For example, the bevel tricone roller bit generally requires trimming gear or gauge structure, and the use requires high speed and low WOB. Roller bit manufacturers play a crucial role in supplying these specialized tools for effective drilling operations.

5. Drilling parameters

The determination of pressure on bit and rotation speed not only determines the rate at which the tri-cone bit breaks the rock, but also affects the wear of the gear and bearings of the tricone roller bit.

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