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Drilling Condition Analysis of Three Cone Bit

Drilling Condition Analysis of Three Cone Bit

The tricone drill bit is metal sealed rolling bearing, which can stably drill at medium and low drilling pressures with medium and high speeds. It is an ideal choice for the upper section of the well. The inserted bit can be selected from various alloy gears such as deviation top spoon gears, spoon gears, wedge gears, and conical button gears. The steel gear drill bit increases the thickness of the welding layer and the exposed height of the gear. The roller cone bit is equipped with various optional features, which improves the ability to adapt to different drilling techniques and various complex formations.

Ⅰ. Tricone drill bits with different alloy gears

The top of the three cone bit adopts diamond compound teeth on the top of the cone to enhance the teeth' wear resistance and increase the cone bit's service life. The new hydraulic structure improves the ability of the hydraulic system to clean the cones and the bottom of the well and optimizes the flow field at the bottom of the well. 

The gauge gears of the tricone drill bit shall be large-diameter active cutting gauge ball-end gears so that the cone bit has a good gauge function and undercutting function. This bit is suitable for small hole drilling operations such as sidetracking old wells and deepening old wells.

Ⅱ. Analysis of tricone drill bit on drilling well

1. The main reasons for the unstable pump pressure are: the three cone bit is not aligned correctly or drilled into the broken stratum, and the tricone drill bit is mud-packed.

2. The main factors affecting the torque change are: falling objects at the bottom of the well, inclined wells, improper drill bit parameters, low hydrodynamic force are resulting in cone bit mud packs, or non-hydraulic power causing serious bit wear and drilling difficulties, and so on. The difference in cuttings directly reflects some conditions, such as the change of the bottom hole formation, the wear of the bit, the working condition, and the parameters of the tri-cone bit

3. The main influencing factors of the difference in torque are the rotation speed of the tricone drill bit and the changes in the bottom hole formation. Its torque is generally lower for the soft layer, and the middle layer torque is relatively stable. For the hard layer, the torque will be large and fluctuate greatly.

4. The influencing factors on the drilling speed of the roller cone bit include the change of the formation during the drilling process, the quality of the hydraulic cleaning effect, the influence of other parameters of the bit, and the selection and wear of the bit.

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