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Absolute Advantage of Water Well Drill Bits

Absolute Advantage of Water Well Drill Bits

Water well drill bits can be regarded as the lowest cost drill bit, because we all know that water well drill bits are used in the upper stratum, and the wear on the drill bit is very small, so the hardness is not as good as some petroleum drill bits and roller cone bits used in hard formations. Petroleum roller cone bits have higher requirements in some aspects, but water well bits are different. Generally, water wells are hundreds of meters long, but it is difficult for rock layers or hard layers to appear in formations of hundreds of meters, such as general steel teeth. The drill bit can solve it. As we often say, use a sledgehammer to kill a chicken. The hardness is not as high as that of a deep-water well, and the self-confessed cost is lower. Therefore, the water-well drill bit is the lowest cost among many roller cone drill bits. Now, this is the absolute advantage of the so-called roller cone bits. Let's talk about the use of water well bits:

1. Before drilling the drill bit into the well, check the appearance carefully and measure the size of the drill bit. Its size should be within the allowable tolerance range. The connecting thread should meet the API standard without damage. The teeth and seals should be well played. The weld should be free of cracks and pores. The problematic bit is prohibited from drilling into the well.

2. Going down the well should be stable, and be especially careful in the open hole section with large and irregular deviations. It should not be too fast, especially the lower insert bit, and it should not collide with the well wall, so as not to cause the break and damage of the tip. When close to the well bottom, the speed should be lowered, otherwise the drilling tool will hit the bottom of the well due to inertia and damage the cone bit.

3. Install the nozzle of the water well drill bits correctly, make sure that the nozzle and shell are clean, and the sealing ring and retaining ring are intact. Use a suitable bit box to buckle the drill bit, and the buckle torque must be correct.

4. When the new drill bit is about to reach the bottom of the well, be careful to detect the sediment. If there is sedimentation, the pump must be fully circulated first and then lowered to the end. At the beginning of drilling, light pressure and slow rotation for about half an hour, the bottom hole shape is consistent with the drill bit, and then the normal drilling pressure and speed are added to the drill.

5. For drilling in hard formations, in order to avoid excessive impact and vibration that may cause teeth to chip or fall off, shock absorbers can be installed. In order to prevent the drill string swinging and too large well deviation, add at least one stabilizer in the drill string device.

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