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What Are the Precautions for Using PDC Core Bits?

What Are the Precautions for Using PDC Core Bits?

PDC Core bits play an important role in geological exploration and are commonly used in the drilling construction industry.

Ⅰ. Introduction of PDC Core bit

There is no significant difference between PDC Core bits and diamond bits. They have many similarities but are structurally different from each other. PDC Core bit is composed of cutting teeth and bit body, and the bit body is made of different materials, so cemented carbide is generally used.

In this case, it can effectively prolong the use time and avoid wear and tear. However, there may be some differences in the number and sorting method of PDC Core bits. Different standards and different tight integrations will make different differences.

PDC Core bits have many features such as cutting function, which can effectively prolong the use time. Compared with other types of alloy drills, PDC drills have decent mechanical speed and relatively weak impact resistance.

Therefore, after some comparisons, many PDC drill bits manufacturers will rely on PDC drill bits. At present, the price required to purchase PDC drill bits is not very high, and it has good practicability.

Ⅱ. What should be paid attention to when using PDC Core bit?

When using a PDC Core bit, you should also know that because the formation may have a certain viscosity, you should pay attention to the phenomenon of normal wear and tear when choosing, try not to choose arbitrarily, and ensure that there are no obstacles under the drilling position, otherwise it will also affect the normal use.

It is recommended that the speed not be too fast during the operation. After all, when drilling a hole, you don't know what's underneath. If the speed of the PDC Core bit is relatively fast, blockage and other phenomena are likely to occur.

When using a PDC Core bit, it is also necessary to test the speed, increase the drilling speed as soon as possible, and increase the hydraulic power of the bit, which can effectively improve the use efficiency.

In the current market, many people may choose the PDC drill combination nozzle, which can improve the cleaning efficiency.

In fact, the entire operation process should be stable, do not choose to start the adjustment and other operations, which may affect the normal use time of the PDC Core bit.

Ⅲ. How to use PDC Core bit reasonably?

1. According to the drillability of the formation and the adjacent well formation, choose more footage and speed, and choose the normal wear of the drill bit; in the upper soft rock formation, choose the deep drilling section with high ROP, and choose the PDC Core bit footage.

2. In the formation of curved holes, PDC drills have more choices of taper offset, gauge and teeth, but shorter.

3. The bottom of the PDC Core bit should be clean and free of falling objects.

4. Work slowly to prevent drilling. When the drill bit is separated from the bottom hole, the pump and rotary drill bit should be used to completely flush the wellbore, and the bottom hole cuttings should be removed to avoid clogging the cuttings or pumping too fast.

5. When the PDC Core bit contacts the bottom of the well, under low WOB and low ROP, the WOB is 1030KN and the ROP is 60r/min. After running for more than 0.5h and forming the bottom hole shape, the WOB design value and ROP can be gradually increased.

6. Do a good job of the ROP test of the PDC Core bit, that is, fix the WOB, change the ROP, or fix the ROP, change the WOB, so that the WOB and ROP together achieve a good ROP.

7. The station should improve the pump pressure and hydraulic power of the PDC Core bit, give full play to the interaction between hydraulic parameters and mechanical rock breaking parameters, and improve the rock breaking efficiency.

8. Combined nozzles are used to improve the efficiency of rock cleaning.

9. It is necessary to use the product of the drilling pressure and the drilling speed of the PDC Core bit recommended by the manufacturer as the constraint condition; the maximum drilling pressure and the maximum drilling speed cannot be used at the same time.

10. The drilling operation with the PDC Core bit should be stable, the drilling should be uniform, and the tripping and drilling should be strictly carried out.

11. When using the PDC drill bit continuously, if it is not the problem of the ground equipment, the electric drill should be carried out immediately to avoid the drop of the cone.

12. When the drill bit is drilled into the hole, the drilling cost should be calculated. As long as the cost of the continuous point is found, the cost must be increased.

13. When the pump pressure increases or decreases, the ROP failure will occur. When PDC Core bit torque increases etc. If there is no problem with the ground equipment, a drilling inspection should be started.

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