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The Tricone Bit is an Important Tool for Oil Drilling

The Tricone Bit is an Important Tool for Oil Drilling

The tricone roller bit has the function of impacting, crushing and shearing and breaking the stratum rock when it rotates. Therefore, the tricone roller bit can adapt to various soft, medium and hard stratums. Especially after the emergence of jet-type tricone roller bits and long-nozzle tricone roller bits, the drilling speed of tricone roller bits has greatly increased, which is a major revolution in the history of the development of cone bits.

Ⅰ. The importance of tricone roller bit for petroleum drilling

The tricone roller bit is an important tool for petroleum drilling, and its work performance directly affects the drilling quality, drilling rate and drilling cost. Tricone roller bit design is mostly based on practical experience, combined with trial and error methods, repeated design and calculation, so the design accuracy is low and the design cycle is long. It is difficult to improve the design quality, and only one bit can be designed per calculation, so the design efficiency is low. It is necessary to formulate reasonable standards for blunt drill bits and regrind them in time to restore their cutting ability.

Ⅱ. Precautions for the use of tricone roller bits

1. Do not damage the cone bit gear when connecting or unloading the bit.

2. Keep the mud clean to prevent the water hole of the bit from being blocked and affecting the use of the bit.

3. Control the speed of drilling down to prevent sudden obstacles and make the roller cone bit more effective.

4. Keep the water on the two pumps in good condition.

5. Keep the bottom of the well clean and free of falling objects. Install mud scrapers or cover the wellhead with steel plates during tripping and drilling. Frequently check the jaw safety pins and wellhead tools to prevent falling objects at the wellhead.

6. Pay attention to the cone bit to prevent slipping and sudden drilling.

7. Adjust the drilling parameters in time when encountering bad drills or jumping drills.

8. To drill the roller cone bit to the end, first circulate for about ten minutes, use 1-2 tons to drill for about 0.5 meters, and slowly pressurize to 6-8 tons for drilling. The bit is evenly fed to prevent sudden damage to the gears when emptying. The weight on the bit is generally not more than 10 tons. When the drilling speed is slow, analyze it. If it is because of the interlayer, be patient and don't blindly increase the drilling pressure.

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