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Rational Use and Installation Methods of Tricone Roller Bits

Rational Use and Installation Methods of Tricone Roller Bits

The tricone bit can bear higher WOB at normal speed, and can adapt to very soft to very hard formation with different cutting structures. High strength and high toughness alloy teeth are used in the insert bit, which gives full play to the high wear resistance and excellent cutting ability of the insert bit. A new type of wear-resistant material is welded on the tooth surface of the steel tooth bit to extend the service life of the bit.

The tricone roller bit is a metal sealed rolling bearing, which can stably drill under medium and low WOB and medium and high speed, so it is an ideal choice for upper well section. Many kinds of alloy teeth, such as partial top scoop tooth, scoop tooth, wedge tooth and cone ball tooth, can be selected for the insert bit. The thickness of cladding layer and the exposed height of the teeth are increased. The bit is equipped with a variety of optional features to improve the ability to adapt to different drilling technologies and various complex formations.

1. Installation methods of tricone roller bits

When we use and install the tricone roller bits, we need to know the performance of this product so as to ensure that we will be proficient users in the future. Next are introduction to the bit and its installation methods.

(1) As the tricone roller bit is a petroleum drilling tool, we set high quality standards for it. When using it, we should pay attention to the use location as different locations may have different product effects. Also, corresponding measurements should be taken before use.

(2) The tricone roller bit is used to improve the efficiency of drilling and reduce the cost. Therefore, we also need to pay attention to its cost-effectiveness so as to ensure that its effect can be brought into full play. What's more, we need to choose different accuracy of the bits according to different purposes.

2. How to use tricone roller bits appropriately?

(1) The product of WOB and ROP recommended by the manufacturer should be taken as the constraint condition. High WOB and ROP cannot be used at the same time.

(2) In the inclined formation, the bit with small offset, no diameter maintaining and many short teeth is often used.

(3) In case of no footage, obvious increase or decrease of pump pressure, sudden decrease of ROP and increase of torque, trip out inspection shall be conducted if there is no problem with surface equipment.

(4) If it is not a problem with the ground equipment, it is necessary to start drilling immediately to avoid dropping the toothwheel when the drilling is held up continuously.

(5) Starting from three cone bit running in drilling, do the cost calculation while drilling. As long as the cost increases at several consecutive points, trip out.

(6) Perform a drilling speed test, that is, fix the drilling pressure, change the drilling speed, or fix the drilling speed and change the drilling pressure, so that the drilling pressure and the drilling speed are appropriately matched to achieve a high drilling speed.

(7) According to the drillability grade of formation and the formation of adjacent wells, the tricone bit with high footage, high speed and normal wear is selected. In the upper soft formation (drillability grade value is less than 5), the gear milling bit with high ROP can be selected; in the deep formation (drillability grade value is more than 5), the gear inlaid bit with more footage can be selected.

(8) Use combined nozzles to improve the efficiency of rock cleaning.

(9) In order to improve the efficiency of rock breaking, the pump pressure should be increased as much as possible, the water power of bit should be increased, and the interaction between hydraulic parameters and mechanical rock breaking parameters should be brought into full play.

(10) The operation during drilling must be stable and the drilling must be even. It is strictly forbidden to lift the drill, slide the drill or stop the drill.

(11) The drilling speed should be slow to prevent sudden break. When the tricone bit is 1 simple root from the bottom of the well, the pump and the rotating bit should be turned on to fully wash the bottom cuttings to avoid blocking the nozzles with cuttings that run too quickly or to avoid the pump is turned on and the formation is blocked too violently.

(12) When the drill bit touches the bottom of the well, it should run for more than 0.5h at low drilling pressure and low drilling speed (10~30 KN, drilling speed 60 r/min). After the bottom shape is formed, the design value of drilling pressure and drilling speed can be gradually increased.

(13) The bottom of the well should be clean and free of falling objects.

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