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Working Principle and Advantages of Tricone Bit

Working Principle and Advantages of Tricone Bit

Tricone bit is one of the widely used drilling bits, which has the characteristics of wide adaptability to formations and high mechanical drilling speed. The tricone bit consists of more than 20 components, including cutting structure, bearing structure, locking elements, oil storage seal device, nozzle device, etc.

Classification of Tricone Bit

Bearing type: rolling bearing and sliding bearing.

Seal type: rubber seal and metal seal.

According to the fixed way of teeth: inlaid teeth (carbide teeth) tricone bit and milling teeth (steel teeth) tricone bit.

Working Principle of Tricone Bit

Under the action of drilling pressure and rotation of the drill string, the teeth of the tricone bit crush and ingest the rock, while generating sliding and shearing of the rock. When the roller rolls at the bottom of the well, the teeth on the roller impact and press into the formation one by one. This action can crush a part of the bottom rock and shear off the remaining rock between the teeth by the sliding action of the roller, so as to crush the bottom rock and extend the wellbore.

Advantages of Tricone Bit

Tricone bit is the most widely used in oil drilling and geological exploration. When rotating, the tricone bit has the functions of impacting, crushing and shearing the formation rock. Therefore, the tricone bit can adapt to various formations of soft, medium and hard. Especially after the appearance of jetting tricone bit and long-nozzle tricone bit, the drilling speed of tricone bit has been increased, which is a major revolution in the development history of tricone bit. Tricone bit can be divided into milling teeth (steel teeth) tricone bit and inlaid teeth (carbide teeth) tricone bit according to the type of teeth; According to the number of rollers, it can be divided into single-roller, double-roller, three-roller and multi-roller bits. Three-roller tricone bit is the most commonly used.

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