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Introduction of Roller Bit

Introduction of Roller Bit

Ⅰ. Classification of tooth bits

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Ⅱ. The main structural features of tooth bits:

1. The use of high-strength and high-toughness carbide teeth improves the impact resistance of the teeth and reduces the rate of tooth breakage;

2. Optimized design of the number of teeth, the number of teeth, the height of the exposed teeth and the unique alloy tooth profile, which give full play to the cutting ability and cutting speed of the drill;

3. The circlip is used to lock the roller, which can withstand high drilling pressure;

4. The inner hole of the cone is welded with anti-friction alloy to improve the anti-seizure ability of the bearing;

5. The use of highly saturated nitrile rubber O-ring seals, optimized seal compression to improve the reliability of bearing seals;

6. The all-rubber oil storage bag that can limit the pressure difference and prevent the drilling fluid from entering the lubrication system provides good lubrication for the bearing system and ensures the normal operation of the "O"-shaped sealing ring, which improves the working life of the drill bit;

7. The use of a new type of grease that can withstand high temperatures of 250 ℃ and low wear improves the high temperature resistance of the drill bit sealing lubrication system.

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