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How to Improve the Service Life of Diamond Drill Bit?

How to Improve the Service Life of Diamond Drill Bit?

1. The importance of diamond drill bits for rock

In the process of geological drilling and engineering exploration, diamond drill bits are widely used drilling accessories. How to improve the service life of drill bits is a problem that drill manufacturers have been considering. The method of prolonging its service life should be considered from the three aspects of the raw material, manufacturing process and operation technology of the diamond drill.

Ⅱ. How to improve the service life of diamond drill bits for rock?

1. Raw materials

Diamond drill bit manufacturers and sales purposes are closely related. If it is a technology-based enterprise pursuing quality, they will strictly control the procurement of production materials. Only high-quality raw materials can ensure that the quality of the drill bit stands out among many brands. This is also the fundamental way to improve the service life of diamond drill bits.

2. Production process

Electroplated diamond drill bits have been developed for many years, and their production process has undergone many major changes. The production processes of different manufacturers are very different. Due to their respective operations, there is currently no complete system of diamond drill production processes that have been made public. To be sure, the production process is a direct factor in determining the quality of diamond drill bits.

3. Operation technology

If the choice of drill bit is the primary reason for its service life, then the actual operation is the secondary reason. No matter how good a diamond bit is, if there is no proper operation method, not only the ideal footage efficiency cannot be achieved, but it will also affect the wear of the bit. For example, in normal drilling, if the cleaning fluid cannot circulate normally, then the bottom of the generated high-temperature and high-speed rotation of the drill bit cannot be taken out, which can easily lead to drill bit burning accidents, not to mention the service life problem.

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