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What Kind of Reamer Can be Used for Different Drilling Rigs?

What Kind of Reamer Can be Used for Different Drilling Rigs?

1. Advantages of cone type reamer:

1) Short processing cycle.

2) Suitable for rock reamer hole opener of various diameters (more suitable for small and medium diameters), and suitable for various formations (diameter 220-1600mm).

3) According to the characteristics of the drilling rig and different stratum conditions, select the most suitable tooth type and bearing structure.

4) The back of the palm is inclined, and the anti-wear alloy is cold inlaid to reduce wear.

5) The unique anti-drop technology of the cone prevents the cone from falling into the hole after the cone bearing is damaged, causing an accident in the hole.

6) Hydraulic rock breaking, smooth slag discharge, reducing slag accumulation.

7) The welding process is guaranteed to prevent overheating of welding from damaging the roller bearing. The welding angle of the cone palm piece is well controlled, which increases the service life of the bearing.

8) The guiding spiral belt design of the drill body has good guiding and slag guiding effects, reducing repeated breakage of the drill bit.

2. Tool holder type replaceable rock reamer hole opener for medium and small drilling rigs

This kind of double fulcrum tool holder support structure can replace the hob rock reamer hole opener, suitable for small and medium drilling rigs, and has the following characteristics:

1) Solved the abrasion problem of the palm back of the reamer with cone structure.

2) The cost is almost the same as that of the rubber-sealed cone reamer, which reduces the cost of use.

3) Can completely solve the problem of falling rounds.

4) Metal seal and long life.

5) Easy to change wheels.

6) Safe and reliable.

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