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What Are the Structure and Features of PDC Rock Bits?

What Are the Structure and Features of PDC Rock Bits?

In order to improve the efficiency of rock drilling, prolong the service life of drill bits, reduce the number of trips and shorten the drilling cycle, and reduce the cost of drilling operations, a series of new PDC rock bits have been developed in recent years abroad. This article analyzes the development trends of the global PDC drill bit market, summarizes the new developments and on-site applications of PDC rock bits, including new PDC rock bits based on machining and manufacturing, new PDC rock bits based on cutting tooth shape design, PDC rock bits based on cutting tooth layout, composite PDC rock bits, directional PDC rock bits for shale reservoirs, and microchip PDC rock bits for geological evaluation. PDC rock bits, as we all know in the field of geological exploration, are generally used in drilling construction in the industry. Today, we will talk about the structure and characteristics of PDC rock bits.

Structural characteristics of PDC rock bits

Polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) drill bits are composed of a bit body and cutting teeth.

  • Bit body. The bit body of PDC drill bits for sale is divided into two categories: cemented carbide and steel. Cemented carbide bit body is precisely cast in the alloy mold, and cylindrical cutting teeth are welded onto the bit body, with diamond welded at the gauge position. Steel body drill bits are made of nickel, chromium, molybdenum alloy steel, and are produced by machining and forming. After heat treatment, holes are drilled in the bit body, and column-shaped cutting teeth are inserted into the holes, with button-shaped cemented carbide inserted at the gauge position.

  • Cutting teeth. The shape, number, and ordering method of cutting teeth on the alloy drill bit are different according to the drilled formation and the exterior design of the alloy drill bit.

The cutting edge of the PDC cutter is made of a thin layer of artificial polycrystalline diamond bonded to a tungsten carbide substrate by ultra-high pressure and high temperature. The polycrystalline diamond chips are made by closely combining many small crystals of artificial diamond in different standards and orientations. Its wear resistance is very good, and the tungsten carbide substrate further enhances the impact resistance of the composite material chips.

Characteristics of PDC rock bits

  • No active moving parts.

  • High-efficiency cutting function.

  • Long service life of alloy drill bits.

  • Higher mechanical drilling speed than other structure type alloy drill bits.

  • Weak impact resistance.

  • Most suitable for driving drilling in mines.

PDC composite sheet is a new functional material, which is a composite superhard material sintered under ultra-high pressure and high temperature using diamond micro-powder and hard alloy substrate. It has the high hardness, wear resistance, and thermal conductivity of diamond, as well as the strength and impact resistance of hard alloy. It is an excellent cutting tool and wear-resistant material and has been widely used in many fields such as metal and non-metal cutting tools, wood processing tools, oil and gas drill bits. In geological drilling, coalfield drilling, and oil and gas drilling, PDC rock bits have become one of the most commonly used rock breaking tools due to their excellent cutting speed and long service life.

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