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The Working Method and Maintenance Method of Oil Roller Bit

The Working Method and Maintenance Method of Oil Roller Bit

The main rock breaking methods of oil roller bits:

When the drill bit is drilled, the weight on the oil roller bit is applied to the rock through the teeth, and there is an impact load in addition to the static load. This is caused by the alternating contact between the teeth of the cone and the single and double teeth at the bottom of the hole. When the single tooth contacts the bottom of the hole, the center of the cone is in a higher position; when the double teeth contact, the center of the cone is lower. During the rolling process of the oil roller bit, the position of the cone center continuously alternates up and down, making the bit move up and down along the axial direction, which is the longitudinal vibration of the bit. In the actual drilling process, on this basis, the low frequency vibration with large amplitude is superimposed due to the uneven bottom of the hole. Longitudinal vibration of the cone caused by alternating single and double teeth contacting the bottom of the hole. The longitudinal vibration of the drill bit at the bottom of the hole continuously compresses and stretches the drill string. This periodically changing elastic energy is transformed by the teeth into an impact on the ground to break the rock. Together with the static load press-in, they jointly form the huge impact and crushing effect of the drill bit on the layer. This rock breaking method is the main form of oil roller bits.

Oil roller bits can have a high anti-wear effect, and even under long-term use, the diameter of the bit will not shrink. Through the diamond inlay process, the durability is high, and the probability of damage is small. In the long-term drilling operation, the drilling speed and quality of the well can be improved. Oil roller bits are suitable for different rock formations. Such high-speed drill bits can be used under various geological structures. At the same time, it can improve the quality of drilling, shorten the operation time, and it is suitable for different geological structures, such as carbonatite, limestone, glutenite. Especially, it has outstanding advantages when drilling layers with hardness of 6 to 8.

Maintenance methods of oil roller bit:

1. For materials with a large amount of fine powder during drilling, such as cast iron, cast copper, you can use compressed air to help chip removal without using coolant.

2. Please clean the iron filings wound on the drill body in time to ensure smooth chip removal.

3. When drilling steel parts, ensure sufficient cooling capacity and use metal cutting fluid.

4. Good rigidity of drill pipe and clearance between guide rails can improve drilling accuracy and service life of drill bit.

5. Please keep the magnetic base and the workpiece flat and clean.

6. When drilling thin plates, strengthen the workpiece. When drilling large workpieces, please ensure the stability of the workpiece.

7. At the beginning and end of drilling, the feed rate should be reduced by 1/3.

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