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The Introduction of PDC Core Bit

The Introduction of PDC Core Bit

Ⅰ. Manufacturing requirements for PDC core bits

When manufacturing, people often ignore an important problem, that is, many environmental conditions are complicated. Corrosion or other special conditions may occur with conventional bit products.

Therefore, during the manufacturing and development of PDC core bits, we need to constantly improve the structure and change the bit materials. We now use PDC core bits that are not only harder, but can be used in some corrosive environments.

In addition, PDC core bits used to be applied in some soft rock environments, but now with the improvement of PDC core bit quality, the bit can be used in hard intercalation.

Of course, to give full play to the advantages of the PDC core bit, we should choose the matching drill pipe and other parts. Only in this way can better quality drilling tools be formed. Whether it is drilling tools or other tools, if the external environment is difficult, you need to improve their quality.

If you want to prolong the service life of the PDC core bit, it is necessary to pay attention to the daily maintenance of PDC core bit, and to understand some use specifications in the process of use, because the key point of products such as bit is the material and the structure design of the cutting teeth.

To ensure that the bit is not damaged by the environment, PDC core bits of different materials need to be differentiated and operated on the corresponding surface.

Then, in order to ensure that the cutting will not be damaged, it is important to pay attention to some relevant details during use. For example, when using drill pipe to remove the drill bit, slow down the speed so as not to damage the cutting teeth.

Although PDC core bits require a high quality drill pipe, the actual drilling process requires the use of rotary discs and hangers to ensure accurate placement of the drill bit, as well as the use of a blowout preventer to create a protective layer on the outside of the drill bit and drill pipe that will not be damaged in some of the more aggressive formations.

Ⅱ. Notes for using PDC core bit

If possible, the use of the PDC core bit should pay more attention on details to avoid further damage to the bit, and then placing and maintaining the bit properly in daily life.

PDC core bit is a common drilling tool with high frequency. Therefore, customers must pay attention to some factors when purchasing and using PDC core bits, so as not to cause some damage to the product or fail to perform its benefits during use.

Before using a PDC core bit, we needed to carefully survey the bottom of the hole to ensure smooth drilling and thus ensure that the bit would not be damaged when it was run.

It is important to carefully measure the drilling data or other buoyancy data to ensure that the operator can control the rotational speed of the PDC core bit effectively.

Also, after the bit tool is used, we need to carry and store it properly to ensure that the PDC core bit will not suffer friction and damage in the details of the use.

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