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Technical Requirements for Use of Tricone Bit

Technical Requirements for Use of Tricone Bit

The tricone roller bit may not have been known to you before. It is a kind of drilling accessory and it has been used for many years. What kind of performance does the drill bit tool have when it is used?

1. When using a tri-cone bit for work

It is necessary to guide the drill bit to work in the correct drilling position. When drilling, it is necessary to make full use of cutting agents and pay attention to chip removal; according to certain standardized methods of manipulation and use, it can demonstrate important features and value in different industries. In a state of multi-directional compressive stress, the pores of the rock are reduced and the strength is increased. The upper part of the well section is generally loosely cemented and soft. When the chisel edge is drilled into the workpiece, it will form a concave ellipse, which will make the tricone roller bit swing in a manner similar to the pendulum movement.

2. When the tricone bit is drilling thin plates

When tricone bit is drilling thin plates, the workpiece needs to be reinforced. When it is drilling large workpieces, the stability of the workpiece must be ensured. When the tool is drilling steel parts, please ensure sufficient cooling and use metal cutting fluid. At the beginning and end of each drilling, its feed rate should be reduced by one third.

Good drill pipe rigidity and rail clearance can improve the accuracy of drilling and the life of the tricone bit. Please ensure that the product magnetic base and the workpiece are level and clean. For materials that have a large amount of fine powder during drilling, such as cast iron, cast copper, you can finish the chip removal through compressing the air without using coolant. Please clean up the iron filings wound on the drill body in time to ensure smooth chip evacuation.

At present, the oil cone bit market is no longer chaotic and has become standardized and orderly. The market competition is developing towards product differentiation, brand, and after-sales service competition. One of the two cornerstones of market competitiveness, the role of roller bit technical services will become more and more obvious.

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