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Rock Reamer Hole Opener - Precautions for Drilling through Reamer

Rock Reamer Hole Opener - Precautions for Drilling through Reamer

1. Rock drilling is different from soil drilling. Generally, the cost is higher and the cost is higher. Therefore, the safety of reaming and the reliability of the project must be the highest principles, and no risky advances.

2. A drill bit should always be kept in the forward rotation state during the movement of the hole, to avoid the drill bit being thrown away, and to prevent the drill rod and the reaming cutting tool from falling off.

3. When the bit starts to work, it should be lightly pressed and turned slowly for more than half an hour, so that the bit cutting tool is in full contact with the rock at the bottom of the hole, and then slowly pressurized to normal pressure for drilling to avoid the bit deviation and the trajectory change.

4. Drilling should strictly follow the drilling regulations during drilling. If the reaming force is too large or the rotation speed is too high, blocking occurs, the drilling should be stopped in time, and the drilling pressure and speed should be adjusted until the drilling is normal.

5. When encountering pebble stratum and broken stratum, the footage should be controlled to make the drill cuttings smaller, facilitate mud carrying, reduce the accumulation of large particles in the hole, and create convenient conditions for the next stage of reaming or dragging the pipe.

6. If the rock reamer hole opener has reached the end of its life, or the hole needs to be backed out in time, it should be withdrawn in time, and it should be noted that during the process of bit backing, the drill rod always keeps the forward rotation state, and the back cannot be too fast, and the back thrust It should not be too large to prevent drill pipe breaking accidents.

7. For normal reaming, in theory, the hole should be washed at least once before each stage reaming to make the inside of the hole clean and reduce the wear of the drill and the jamming during drilling. This is especially important in large-scale reaming.

8. Remember: it is strictly forbidden to use a rock reamer for hosting, and a barrel reamer must be used with a tube. Because the rock reamer and the hole wall produce new cutting action, the cone or hob alternately contacts the bottom of the hole to produce greater vibration, which causes greater disturbance to the end thread, which is easy to damage or trip.

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