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How to Use PDC Bit Correctly?

How to Use PDC Bit Correctly?

Ⅰ. Introduction of PDC bit

PDC bit is the abbreviation of polycrystalline diamond compact bit, also known as polycrystalline diamond cutting block drill bit or composite chip tooth drill bit. PDC bit has been widely used in petroleum drilling due to its advantages of fast drilling speed, long life and high footage.

The polycrystalline diamond compact bit cuts through the rock to drill the well, and it includes four parts: cutters, cutting structure, blades, and bitbody.

The most complicated part of PDC bit design is the cutting structure. Usually, the composite pieces are arranged in rows for better cleaning of cuttings. Each row is arranged along the top of the blade, protruding downward, supporting the cutting structure and keeping it in place, while effectively connecting the cutting structure to the end of the drill string. Between the blades is a chip flute, which is a channel through which the drilling fluid washes the cuttings from the face of the drill bit during drilling.

Ⅱ. The correct use of PDC bits

1. The PDC bit works best in a large section of homogeneous soft to medium hard formations. It is not suitable for drilling gravel and soft and hard interlaced formations.

2. It adopts low drilling pressure, high rotation speed, large displacement drilling, and the use effect of the drill bit is good.

3. Before the drill bit goes down the well, the bottom of the well should be cleaned to ensure that there is no metal falling.

4. When the drill bit just goes into the well, it should use low drilling pressure and low speed to run and return to normal drilling after the bottom of the well is formed.

5. The PDC bit is an integral bit, without any moving parts, suitable for high-speed turbine drilling.

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