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How to Select the Reamers

How to Select the Reamers

It is the main way to improve the construction efficiency to select suitable reamer according to the characteristics of stratum.In order to adapt to different strata, the structure forms of reamer are also different. At present, there are mainly fluted reamer, cutter reamer, barrel reamer and rock reamer.

1. Barrel reamer is used to expand the hole by squeezing the formation, so it is often used in soft soil.

2. Fluted reamer, has certain cutting and chip removal effects while squeezing the stratum.It has wide applicability and can be used in most soil layers.

3. Cutter reamer is mainly used for reaming by cutting the formation, with good chip discharge effect, especially suitable for dense sandy soil layer.

4. Rock reamer can be divided into roller cone cutters reamer and hob reamer, among which the roller can be subdivided into insert tooth (TCI ) and steel tooth (milled tooth) .

Usually steel teeth are used in soft rock and hard soil layer, insert teeth (TCI) are mainly used in hard rock construction, and hob type reamer is mainly used to deal with higher hardness of rock or rock reaming for long distance construction.

Matters needing attention in reaming construction

1. During the process of reaming, it is necessary to strengthen the communication between the handers and the loading and unloading personnel of the drill pipe at the excavation point, so as to prevent the personnel from personal injury caused by the sudden rotation of the drill pipe when the drill pipe is connected. To ensure the safety of construction, it is recommended to use transfer coupling reamer and drill pipe.

2. At the same time of reaming, sufficient amount of mud should be pumped into the hole to circulate the drilling cuttings in the hole out of the hole and keep the hole clean, which is also an important prerequisite for the smooth progress of the final pipeline backhaul.

3. In the process of graded reaming, if abnormal phenomena such as excessive torque and tension are found, necessary hole cleaning operations can be carried out after the completion of the current first-stage reaming construction to ensure the safety of subsequent reaming construction, especially in the construction of rocks and strata.

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