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How to Extend the Service Life and Service Characteristics of Tricone Roller Bit

How to Extend the Service Life and Service Characteristics of Tricone Roller Bit

The tricone roller bit performs a lot of oil drilling work every day, so it is very susceptible to wear. Many construction units pay little attention to its maintenance, resulting in a very high scrap rate and often need to be replaced. But in fact, as long as the tricone roller bit is used properly, it can effectively extend its service life, thereby saving costs for the construction unit. Here are some tips for using tricone roller bit to reduce wear and extend service life.

Ⅰ. Use skills of tricone roller bit

If we can see that the pump pressure is rising through the equipment displaying, but the tricone roller bit does not have a rear footage, increase the drilling pressure appropriately, and increase the speed and torque. If there is no problem with the display equipment, it is generally because the drill bit has a problem, being worn or aged, and the rock formation may be too hard. If there is no problem with the equipment, you can check whether the drill bit is passivated by tripping.

When applying the drilling pressure to the tricone roller bit, it needs to be adjusted appropriately. Do not press too much. This will only increase the wear rate of the drill bit. It needs to be gradually and smoothly drilled. The drilling pressure can be seen on the footage table bit by bit. When drilling stops, you need to lift the cone bit from the interface of the drill to keep the distance to ensure that the drill operate stably next time.

The tricone roller bit is mainly used in oil drilling. This product can improve the efficiency of oil drilling and save the cost of drilling to a large extent. The tricone roller bit is an important mining tool in the oil drilling industry. It is mainly used in a relatively wide stratum environment. This product has a strong horsepower supply and a high rotation rate. It can extract rocks and improve the efficiency of oil wells.

Among the industrial applications of tricone roller bit, it mainly focuses on many drilling technologies in the oil drilling industry and underground environments.

Ⅱ. Features of tricone roller bit

1. The tricone roller bit adopts a floating bearing structure. The floating element is made of new materials with high strength, high elasticity, high temperature resistance and high wear resistance. The surface is treated with solid lubricant. While reducing the relative linear velocity of the bearing pair, it also reduces the temperature rise of the friction surface, which can effectively improve the bearing life and bearing reliability under high drilling pressure or high speed drilling conditions.

2. The tricone roller bit adopts high-precision metal seal. The metal seal consists of a pair of carefully designed and processed metal seal rings as the axial dynamic seal of the bearing. Two highly elastic rubber energy supply rings are respectively located in the seal area of the tooth palm and the cone as static seals. The optimized seal compression ensures both the metal ring sealing surfaces always keep good contact.

3. The steel ball locks the cone to adapt to high speed.

4. The tricone roller bit adopts an all-rubber oil storage bag that can limit the pressure difference and prevent the drilling fluid from entering the lubrication system, which provides a good lubrication guarantee for the bearing system.

5. The tricone roller bit adopts a new type of grease that can withstand high temperatures of 250°C and is resistant to wear.

6. The insert bit adopts high-strength and high-toughness cemented carbide teeth. The optimized design of the number of teeth, the number of teeth, the height of the teeth and the alloy teeth profile of the drill bit, give full play to the high wear resistance and excellent cutting ability of the insert bit. The tooth surface of the steel tooth bit is welded with a new wear-resistant material, which improves the life of the cutting tooth of the tricone roller bit while maintaining the high mechanical drilling speed of the steel tooth bit.

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