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Great and Indian TRT company signed a cooperation agreement

Great and Indian TRT company signed a cooperation agreement

Great was founded in 2010. Specializing in the research and development, design, production and sales of PDC bit,   tricone bit, Hybrid bit,HDD tools,rotary barrel drilling,etc., it is a first-class network supplier of PetroChina, Sinopec and CNOOC. The company is located in Hejian City Development Zone, Hebei Province, covering an area of 86,000 square meters and a construction area of 63,000 square meters. It has multiple internationally advanced CNC machining center production lines with combined turning and milling and multi-axis linkage, which can produce drill bits and drilling tools of various specifications and models.

Ms. Arthi, Managing director of Indian TRT company , visited GREAT in November 2023 and was very satisfied with Great’s factory, products, and management systems. After exchanges and visits between the senior management and relevant departments of both parties, The two parties fully affirmed each other's advantages and values, and after many friendly negotiations, adhering to the principles of equality and voluntariness, complementary advantages, mutual benefit, win-win cooperation, and common development, they reached the signing of this strategic cooperation agreement and signed a cooperation agreement in the water well industry. .

It is hoped that this cooperation will effectively promote the promotion of Great drill bits in the Indian water well drilling market and allow Indian customers to better understand the quality of Great.


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