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Features of Replaceable Hob Type Rock Reamer Hole Opener

Features of Replaceable Hob Type Rock Reamer Hole Opener

1. This series of drilling tools are suitable for large-diameter traversing projects with heavy loads of large drilling rigs, and suitable for various rock formations.

2. The rock reamer hole opener uses a large-diameter metal sealed hob as a cutting tool. The body can be used multiple times, just change the wheel. The hob wheels are divided into three types: A, B, and C, which can be adjusted to different reaming diameters, which provides convenience for multiple projects to use the same drilling tool body.

3. It is easy to change the wheel after the hob wheel is damaged. Generally, the wheel can be changed within half an hour, which is convenient and quick.

4. The long-term comprehensive cost advantage is obvious.

5. All reversing hobs adopt metal seals. At the same time, the diameter of the hob is large (the diameter of the large end of the ABC wheel is 346, 360, 372), and the linear speed of the hob is low during the rotation process, which is especially suitable for large pipe diameter construction. The maximum linear speed ratio to the drill bit is 4.5 times (relative to the 66" re-expanded hole diameter), that is, the drill bit makes one revolution and the hob rotates 4.5 times to ensure that the hob bearing is in the low speed range, so the hob has a long life, under 100% under normal conditions. More than hours, unless the rock is particularly hard or abnormal, the reaming time needs to be changed for a long time. Basically, there is no need to replace the hob to achieve one-time back expansion.

6. There is no problem of palm back wear.

7. All hobs are made of ¢19 large alloy, with fast cutting length, and different tooth types can be selected according to different formations. Hard rock adopts blunt tooth type, soft rock adopts bevel tooth type.

8. Excellent hydraulic design, taking full consideration of the unobstructed slag discharge of the flow channel and realizing hydraulic rock breaking.

9. The drill body is made of high-quality alloy steel for precision forging, which has good weldability and is convenient for on-site repair.

10. The guide body of the drill bit larger than 38 inches adopts the spiral belt design, which has good guiding and slag guiding effect, reducing repeated breakage of the drill bit, and protecting the main hob cutter seat.

11. Fully consider the problem of weight reduction. The weight of the largest 66" reamer is controlled within 3.5T, which has a decisive influence on reducing the drilling torque and the tendency of trajectory change.

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