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Features and Life Extension Methods of Roller Cone Bits

Features and Life Extension Methods of Roller Cone Bits

1. Characteristics of roller cone bits

(1) The use of high-toughness alloy teeth improves the ability of the teeth to resist impact and reduces the probability of broken teeth, and the soft stratum is embedded with eccentric scoop-shaped teeth.

(2) A layer of hard alloy is spread on the bearing of the tooth palm, and the roller bearing is silver-plated, so that the bearing can improve the anti-occlusion and load-bearing capacity.

(3) The high-saturated nitrile rubber used in the O-ring seal increases the cross-section of the seal ring, and a small seal boss is added at the outer end of the seal area to improve the seal performance.

(4) The roller cone bit uses a steel ball to lock the cone, which can be suitable for relatively high rotational speeds.

(5) Its optimized number of teeth and equipment with exposed teeth and alloy teeth can maximize the cutting and speed of the drill.

(6) The use of lubricating grease that can withstand the temperature of 250 ℃ and low wear improves the capacity of the roller cone bit.

2. Methods of prolonging the life of roller cone bits

Tri-cone bits do a lot of oil drilling every day and are therefore very susceptible to wear. Many construction units do not pay much attention to their maintenance, resulting in a very high scrap rate and often need to be replaced. But in fact, as long as the tricone bit is used properly, its service life can be extended, thereby saving costs for the construction unit. GREAT will teach you a few tips for using the three-cone drill bit, thereby reducing wear and prolonging the service life.

If we are under the display of the equipment, we can see that the pump pressure is rising, but the tricone drill bit has no footage, appropriately increase the drilling pressure and increase the speed and torque. If the display equipment is no problem, it is generally There is a problem with the drill bit, wear or aging, or it may be caused by the rock formation. If there is no problem with the equipment, the drill bit can be checked for passivation by tripping.

When applying the drilling pressure to the tricone bit, it needs to be adjusted properly. Do not press too much. This will only lead to an increase in the bit wear rate. It is necessary to gradually and steadily drill. Drilling pressure, on the footage table, you can see the drilling speed little by little. When you stop drilling, you need to lift the drill bit away from the drilling interface and keep the distance. The next time you start drilling, it can be more stable operation. If in the process of drilling, the phenomenon of holding back the drill or skipping the meter occurs continuously, if there is no problem with the equipment, the drill should be started in time, otherwise the cone will be knocked off and it may be scrapped.

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