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Common Causes of PDC Bit Damage when Drilling Companies

Common Causes of PDC Bit Damage when Drilling Companies

1. The presence of gravel in the formation damages the PDC bit

2. There are many hard interlayers in the formation, which damages the PDC bit

During the drilling process of the PDC bit, it drills from the soft formation to the hard interlayer. The shape of the profile structure of the bit crown causes the cutting teeth of the same part of the bit to contact, and the hardness of the formation is different, which makes the cutting teeth of different parts of the pdc bit cut the formation. Uneven force, resulting in poor drill, jump drill.

Most of the load acting on the drill bit is concentrated on the cutting teeth for cutting the hard interlayer, and the instantaneous intercepting load generated by the bad drill and the skip drill causes this part of the cutting teeth to be broken due to the large force, especially in the cutting of hard formation by the PDC bit. The momentary load is sufficient to cause cracking of the cutting teeth.

3. The hydraulic parameters of the PDC bit are not suitable

When using a PDC bit, if the ratio of water power (referring to the amount of work done by the object per unit time) is selected too large, the bit body will be severely eroded. The reflection directly erodes the PDC bit cutters.

The ground source heat well can be understood as a substitute for the original boiler room, and it must be regarded as a structure. Generally speaking, the ground source heat pump well is deeply buried in the ground and does not occupy the ground space. The above ground part can be used as greening, fitness place, community park, and parking lot. It should not be counted as the building area, but its cost expenditure will definitely be reflected in the unit price of the building area.

If the PDC bit is too small than the water power (referring to the amount of work done by the object in a unit time), it is not good for the cleaning and cooling of the composite sheet, especially in soft formations, it is easy to cause the bit mud bag. Thermally accelerated wear of the composite sheet (a basic type of component failure) is likely to occur in hard formations.

4. The selection of PDC bits

According to the principle of "back and syncline"; the fault is difficult to take water, the fault plane is fragile and has cracks, the water will seep down, and naturally, no matter how the well is drilled, it will not upwell;

The "anticline" is "convex", and the rock in the middle is harder and higher than the average thickness. It is also futile to dig a well with a pdc drill bit in such a location. The vegetation of the "anticline" mountain is sparse, while the moss vegetation is generally more abundant.

The "syncline" is "concave". Obviously, the water seeps into the bottom of the rock, and drilling a well from above is better, with less work and a continuous water supply.

The main function of the pdc bit is underground physical data, that is, taking cores, cores, cuttings, liquid samples, gas samples, etc. from drilling. As a geophysical logging channel, data of various geophysical fields of rock and mineral layers. As an artificial channel to observe the hydrogeological dynamics of the groundwater layer. It is used to combine exploration and production to develop groundwater, oil and gas, and geothermal drilling.

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