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Brief Introduction of Mining Drill Bits

Brief Introduction of Mining Drill Bits

Diamond bit is a cutting tool which uses diamond material as cutting edgeThe mining drill bit is the main component of the drilling equipment, and its main function is to break the rock and form a borehole. At present, rotary bit is usually used in coal industry. Rotating the drill bit under the drive of the machine will cause rotation, which will drive the entire drill bit to produce a centripetal movement, and break the rock through intrusion and grinding. The drill bit is one of the main drilling equipment. According to the working environment and regional environment, the size and shape of the drill bit should be different. When conducting coal drilling work, the drill bit should be selected scientifically based on specific needs and plans.

1. Introduction of diamond drill bit

A cutting tool that uses a diamond material as a cutting edge is a diamond drill bit. The main advantage of the diamond drill bit is that it can adapt to highly abrasive and hard geological structures, and its cutting performance is relatively good. It has very important advantages in high-speed drilling.

The polycrystalline diamond composite drill bit is mainly composed of four parts, namely the diamond composite wafer, nozzle, matrix and drill body. The ordinary diamond drill has four main components, namely diamond particles, nozzle, nozzle body and drill body. Due to the excellent cutting performance of the diamond bit, it can drill at high speed when using the diamond bit as a coal drilling tool. In addition, it expands the drilling depth to a certain extent.

In the process of using diamond drill bit for coal drilling, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

(1) First, the price of diamond drill bits is higher. Therefore, it should be handled carefully during use to reduce the degree of damage.

(2) Secondly, the diamond bit has certain defects in thermal stability, so the cooling performance and cleaning conditions of the bit must be ensured during use.

(3) Finally, its texture is relatively brittle, so the impact resistance of diamond bits is very poor. Therefore, strict and standardized operations should be carried out in strict accordance with the relevant regulations of the diamond bit.

2. Introduction of roller bit

According to the structure of the roller bit, it can be divided into five parts: water eye, bearing, palm, roller and drill body. The thread is usually on the upper part of the roller cone bit, and the drill string as well as the thread are connected to each other. There will be a tapered roller on the lower part of the drill with three palms on it. The roller will break the rock with its own cutting teeth. The channel of drilling fluid is the water eye of the drill bit. As a great supplier of drill bits, we have many roller cone bits for sale. Welcome to select!

When choosing a roller bit as a coal drilling tool, it is necessary to select a roller cone bit according to the actual situation of the drilling equipment, the actual situation of the formation, and the geological data and formation data of adjacent oil wells. The main issues to be considered in the selection are as follows:

(1) First, consider whether there is a staggered state of soft and hard in the drilling formation.

(2) Secondly, it is necessary to consider whether anti-tilt drilling and curve operation are required in coal seam drilling. Third, the actual depth of different drilling intervals in the same well should be considered.

(3) Finally, consideration should be given to the drilling geology, the grindability of the formation, and the softness as well as hardness.

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